Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Makes You Happy ?

happy = Laugh. Well, its a common things coz i'm never see whos will cry when they are ' happy ' (ammendment) hoho. Erm..If got 1, thats strange..and we will call it ' sot sudah kesian :D ' lol~

Ok, what will make us happy? Sometimes a little tinny things can make us smile -> laugh -> Happy!

For me, I will be happy when...

(to be continued..blurr attack! :P )

* the traffic light turns green. go go go...
* spend 2 hours etc watching some movie and ended with a happy ending.
* wake up in the morning and its sunday or holiday!
* meet an old friend or relatives
* eat cheese, chocolate or mayonaise coz its my fav!
* got his text,call or knowing he stalk on my fb or blog! hoho :P

got lots be continued..again.. :D hehe